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this site, whatever is hidden under, is covered by a forced survey from CPAlock..

this advertisement mechanism tries to push you to subscribe to multiple cellphone subscription services and promises to unlock the page after you have done that.

whether or not they really will unlock the page or not after you have subscribed to the multiple cellphone subscription services is not something that i am willing to take the necessary steps to verify.

these cellphone subscription services are for example: they ask you a stupid question about retardness and then they tell you that to find out your results you need to give them your cellphone number and they will text you the result.

the SCAM is that at the bottom of the page there are small prints that mention that you will be subscribing to receive text messages every day for something from 1.50 to 4.50$ US each. fees from your cellphone company might be added to that as well...

well check it out and do the math...

this is an example: http://www.skill2thrill.com/ca/ads/iq.aspx?token=8791d5a76636c49ddaa3945b750d37de4572.1980.11077.. if you complete this "survey" you will make stageon9 receive a part of the chunk of money that you will be losing to your cellphone company, the retards who make that fake survey and your cellphone company will also get a share.

category: SCAM movie sites
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